Aaron Kuehler

80% Scientist, 20% Artist. Theorist and Practitioner.


I write software for fun and profit. I like creating. I like delivering. Shipping maintainable software that helps people makes me happy. I believe in developing software confidently. I prefer to define automated specifications of system behavior before I write implementation. I prefer to build features from the outside-in– starting with the highest level of interaction and working my way down. I believe in using the right tools for the right job. I believe it is better to be a problem solver than a <%= popular technology %> expert. I believe that interpersonal skills are a requisite part of a development toolbox. Effective communication, conflict resolution, self and team awareness are as essential to success as a solid technical foundation. I enjoy working in collaborative environments and function best on small, cross-functional teams.

OSS Contributions



Installs the Heroku toolbelt on a heroku dyno.



Githug is designed to give you a practical way of learning git. It has a series of levels, each requiring you to use git commands to arrive at a correct answer.

Keyword Parameter Matchers


Simple matchers for method keyword parameters.

Side Projects



An implementation of the future construct, inspired by Celluloid's block based futures, which uses process forking as a means of backgrounding work.



Adapters and Utilities to interface Backbone.js with ElasticSearch

OmniAuth Doximity OAuth2


A Doximity OAuth2 Strategy for OmniAuth.